A Look Inside the Vault - VaultPress

VaultPress makes it easy to keep an up-to-date backup of your site with both daily and real-time syncing of all your WordPress content. To ensure your site stays safe, VaultPress performs comprehensive security scans daily and makes it easy to review and fix threats.

It's simple. VaultPress connects your site to the Jetpack servers, and WordPress-optimized backups and security scans will run automatically. Provide FTP or SSH information, and VaultPress can automatically restore any backup to your site with just a few clicks.

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Welcome to the powerful VaultPress dashboard.

Monitor VaultPress Activity in Real-time

Watch in real-time as VaultPress syncs your latest changes or scans your site for security threats. Like magic.

Restore Backups Automatically

Click a button and begin restoring any backup in just a few minutes using an FTP or SSH connection. You can restore to your current site, or to an alternate test site.

Download any Backup

Browse your entire history of backups and instantly download your database, uploads, themes, and plugins.

Scan Your Entire Site

Every day, VaultPress scans your site for potentially dangerous files, as well as any suspicious changes to your WordPress install. We’ll email you if we find anything.

Review & Fix Vulnerabilities

VaultPress makes it easy to review suspicious code and fix the most common threats with a simple button click. For very dangerous threats, VaultPress will automatically fix your site and notify you of the details.

Rely on Our WordPress Experts

Our staff of WordPress experts are available to help backup, restore, and fix your site. With the VaultPress plugin installed on your site, the Safekeepers have access to a number of tools that help us safeguard your site.

We've just introduced new — and much cheaper — plans. Check them out!

Stop worrying about spam, downtime, attacks, and unauthorized access.

Spam Defense

Protect your SEO, readers, and brand reputation by automatically blocking all spammers.

Brute Force Attack Protection

Automatically protect against malicious attacks by hacker networks.

Secure Authentication

Stop unauthorized access with secure WordPress.com logins and optional two-factor authentication.

Downtime Monitoring

We constantly check your site to see if it's online and alert you immediately when we detect downtime.

Automatic Updates

Set your preferred plugins to update automatically so that they're always running the safest versions.

Expert Priority Support

When all else fails, we’ll help you (or your developers) fix any security threat found on your site.

We've just introduced new — and much cheaper — plans. Check them out!

Relied on by millions of WordPress professionals worldwide.

VaultPress is brought to you by Automattic, one of the most trusted and prominent names in WordPress. We dedicate ourselves to building some of the most celebrated WordPress products and services, including Jetpack, Akismet, WooCommerce, Gravatar, and more.

All VaultPress backups are stored in our very own world-class infrastructure - the same one that powers and supports millions of WordPress.com sites. Because, after all, your site is too important to trust with anybody else.

We've just introduced new — and much cheaper — plans. Check them out!

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