We back up your blog.
So you can keep building your business.

You’re busy building your business, very busy. You use your WordPress blog to share your expertise with potential customers all over the world. It’s your connection to the world and you need it to be rock solid. Enter VaultPress.

VaultPress runs on the same Automattic grid that has served over 32 million blogs since 2005. Our VaultPress experts are fluent in WordPress and are available to help you with all of your backup and safeguard needs, from initial setup to restoring your files if you experience a loss. We provide concierge-level customer support because your time is best spent building your business, not rebuilding your blog.

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VaultPress secures all elements of a WordPress site or blog with:

  • Simple setup in 3 easy steps
  • Backup to three separate cloud services
  • Protection for your WordPress environment, including WordPress themes, plugins, uploads, and database
  • Real time, continuous backup and synchronization, ensuring no loss of WordPress content or files in the event of an issue
  • Our complimentary concierge service helps you restore your blog or site after trouble strikes

Over time, VaultPress will enable increased security & safeguards:

  • Pushing fixes to zero-day security vulnerabilities
  • Monitoring intrusions
  • Enabling full online restoring of the complete WordPress environment

Adventures in Blog Recovery

Why an ounce of failure prevention is worth a pound of backup cure:

Keep Backup Simple.

Manual backup solutions can be time intensive to use and, in the event of data loss, labor intensive to rebuild a blog.

Make Backup Automattic.

VaultPress sets up in 3 easy steps and safeguards a blog in real time to continuously prevent data loss. Our complimentary concierge service staffed by the VaultPress Safekeepers helps you to restore data in the event of an issue.

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VaultPress is brought to you by some of the world’s most experienced WordPress developers, including the team behind WordPress.com.

VaultPress provides peace of mind that your WordPress website or blog are secured by the only backup and safeguard service tai­lored specifically to WordPress.

So be smarter than the competition. Don’t wait for a loss to start backing up your blog. Protect it from the outset. Protect all of your WordPress files with VaultPress, including themes, plugins, uploads, and the database. Let VaultPress protect your blog so you can focus on the reason it exists, your business.

Four ways to build a blog worthy of our premium VaultPress service
  1. 1
    Identify a topic that ignites you and your audience
  2. 2
    Develop an authentic voice for your posts that reveals both your point of view and a little about you
  3. 3
    Read and reply to your comments, especially the ones that stir up contro­versy or energize the dialog
  4. 4
    Build relationships with other bloggers by commenting on their posts
Safeguard Your Site

VaultPress is powered by the Automattic grid, which has reliably served over 32 million blogs since 2005.