Protect what matters most with VaultPress. Buy insurance for everything else.

Your blog’s value more than exceeds the sum of its separate parts. Each choice you made in its creation is essential. Every last comment and piece of content, including your words, photos, and videos, matter to you. Its value is measured in more than the hours of time you have poured into it. Your blog and its growth are irreplaceable.

Which is why you need to protect it in its entirety, and not just the database or other individual files. You need to protect your complete blog in order to preserve its unique character and your ability to connect with family, friends, and other readers. And in the event of an issue, you can request complimentary concierge service from the VaultPress Safekeepers to assist you with your restore needs.

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VaultPress secures all elements of a WordPress site or blog with:

  • Simple setup in 3 easy steps
  • Backup to three separate cloud services
  • Protection for your WordPress environment, including WordPress themes, plugins, uploads, and database
  • Real time, continuous backup and synchronization, ensuring no loss of WordPress content or files in the event of an issue
  • Our complimentary concierge service helps you restore your blog or site after trouble strikes

Over time, VaultPress will enable increased security & safeguards:

  • Pushing fixes to zero-day security vulnerabilities
  • Monitoring intrusions
  • Enabling full online restoring of the complete WordPress environment

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While the real time, continuous, and view­able backup by VaultPress protects your investment of time and resources, what it really protects is the passion for your subject matter that you have poured into the creation of your site. And, yes, it also safeguards the comments from and connections with those who share your passion.

VaultPress protection is like insurance for your site. But unlike other types of insurance, you don’t have to lose anything for the coverage to pay off. In fact, never losing anything is the payoff.

Best Practices for Blog Backup

The very best practice for blog backup is to just do it. Most bloggers don’t initiate a backup strategy until a loss or scare, which puts them in the position of having to spend precious time and resources not only finding a backup solution, but also manually rebuilding their blog.

Depending on whether or not a solution was in place when the issue occurred, even with a lengthy manual rebuilding process, some content can be repopulated but often comments, media, or other files simply aren’t restorable. In order to prevent this type of loss, a backup strategy is critical for every blog.

Safeguard Your Site

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