You built your reputation with WordPress. Trust it to VaultPress.

Your passion for your subject drives you to blog. Your expert insight creates connections with readers around the globe. As a professional whose reputation and livelihood are tied to your blog, you have come to trust the WordPress platform because it has reliably served to help build your influence and audience. Our passion for building a great blogging platform has matched your passion for your subject matter.

But unless you have experienced an event that required you to recreate your blog or have suffered data loss, you probably don’t pour the same passion into regular and comprehensive backups. Let us help. Secure your WordPress environment with the only backup and safeguard service tailored to the WordPress platform by a number of the world’s most experienced and passionate WordPress developers. And keep your focus where it belongs, on building your blog and your career.

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VaultPress secures all elements of a WordPress site or blog with:

  • Simple setup in 3 easy steps
  • Backup to three separate cloud services
  • Protection for your WordPress environment, including WordPress themes, plugins, uploads, and database
  • Real time, continuous backup and synchronization, ensuring no loss of WordPress content or files in the event of an issue
  • Our complimentary concierge service helps you restore your blog or site after trouble strikes

Over time, VaultPress will enable increased security & safeguards:

  • Pushing fixes to zero-day security vulnerabilities
  • Monitoring intrusions
  • Enabling full online restoring of the complete WordPress environment

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VaultPress is brought to you by some of the world’s most experienced WordPress developers, including the team behind

With the real time, continuous backup and other safeguards offered by VaultPress, you ensure that all of your content, even the content you are in the process of creating, is protected in the event of an issue.

And, if a problem does occur, you can request complimentary concierge service from the VaultPress Safekeepers to restore your site or blog, so you won’t even need to pause your game of Asteroids to rebuild.

Two Bloggers Share Their Stories of Near Loss Experiences:

I’ve been struggling to find a backup solution for a site that I run with WordPress as the engine. I had a scare and the potential for lost data really hit home.

Backing up my blog saved me just the other day when my host’s MySQL server crashed.

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